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Host Your Online Auction at Auctacity!

Host An Auctacity Auction

Selling on Auctacity is easy. First, you configure your seller profile. Then, just create an auction (below), edit the auction details, add lots, and publish.

It is very inexpensive!

15% Flat Commission Rate
Includes Credit Card Fees
You Keep The Buyers Premium

Not only do we collect payment for you, we charge very little to do so. Auctacity makes selling so easy, It's a no-brainer. Our commission is based on the gross sales and includes all credit card processing fees.

Let's make sure this is clear -- YOU KEEP THE BUYERS PREMIUM! If you charge a 15% buyers premium (fully customizable), you actually end up clearing the full sale price. What other online auction platform can promise that?

We will also negotiate rates for sellers willing to commit to a monthly sales volume! Please Contact Us for more info!


Raw Sales:$19,096.00
15% Buyers Premium:$2,864.40
5.3% Sales Tax:$1,012.09
Auctacity Commission:$-2,864.40

Your Earnings Check:$20,108.09

So, in this case 100% of the raw sales go to you!
NOTE: Sales tax can be configured per-auction depending on the rate of the state where the auction is hosted.

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Auctacity hosted auctions are listed by default in our Auction Directory, but even if you've never hosted an Auctacity auction, even if you don't have an Auctacity account, you can list your live or online auction -- for FREE.


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Configure Your Seller Account

While any user can host an auction, it's advisable to brand yourself as much as possible first. In your account settings, you can configure a custom URL, a public facing name for your company, a profile image, a profile description, and your direct deposit information.

Please note: You must add your direct depost information to your seller settings before creating an auction.

Your public profile is not visible to other users until you specify your custom URL. Once that is configured, users will see your profile image, description, and a list of your current auctions. They can also browse your previous auctions that have ended.

Your auctions are available as an RSS feed, so users can use RSS tools to be instantly notified when you publish an auction.

Your public name is visible everywhere your auction is, so it is essential that this be configured so buyers can recognize your sales.

Editing The Auction Details

Once you create the auction, a page will appear with all the fields that you can edit. Each auction needs:

Editing an auction or lot requires that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser (most modern browsers do by default, so if you don't, you probably know it already). When you create a lot, there is a single form for fast entry, but then the lot is editable similarly to auctions -- right on the page so there's no special dashboard to go to.

Beside any field that you can edit, with the exception of pictures, an edit icon edit icon appears. Click this to change the value of the field.

To return a field to its default value, simply set the value to blank.

As a seller, you will see a "Seller Tool Box" at the top of each of your auction pages. This provides you with tools you can use to manage your auction.

Setting The Auction Dates

You can input any dates you like for inspection, bidding, and pickup, but the Terms of Service require that inspection last for at least 3 hours, that pickup last for at least 4 hours, that bidding occur after inspection closes, and that pickup occur after bidding closes.

Auction Terms

In most cases, the default auction terms should be sufficient. You may, however, modify them in any way you wish as long as they do not violate the Terms of Service.


Buyers are assigned a random bidder alias. When they come to pick up their items, they should have a copy of their invoice with their bidder alias printed on it, as well as payment information. It will also have a control code at the top right. These three pieces of information are how you are able to identify buyers, as you do not have access to any of their personal information.

It is advisable that you have pre-printed copies of customer invoices on the pickup site, and it's recommended to have a computer with internet access so that you can log in to Auctacity and clear up any payment or invoicing discrepancies efficiently.

There is a management console link in your Seller Tool Box for published auctions. It is via this console that you can see aggregated sales data, buyer invoices, etc.

After The Auction

Once the auction ends, a process called "Finalization" will occur the first time you click into the management console. This process will charge buyers' filed credit cards and deposit the money into an Auctacity account. You, as the seller, are responsible for the commission fee as well as credit card fees of 2.9% of gross sales, sales tax, and buyers premium plus $0.30 per invoice (may vary depending on your commission structure). The commission and credit card fees will be subtracted and a your earnings will be deposited to your account (or mailed if you opt for a paper check) on the 3rd business day after the end of the pickup period.

If enough automatic payments do not go through so that you owe a balance for the auction, you will be required to pay that within 30 days of the auction close.



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