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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is the top priority of Auctacity. We have made a tremendous effort to ensure that your identity remains secure.

We will never voluntarily provide any information about you to any third party for any reason other than to fulfill the requirements of the services Auctacity provides. It is important to note that if you win items in an auction, that auction's seller will be shown your first and last name (or public name if applicable) and email address. If you manually set a public name, your first and last name will only be used internally.

The aforementioned third parties, including Auctacity sellers and anyone else who has access to user information accepts through the Terms of Service that they will also respect this information in accordance to Auctacity's policies.

We will never contact you for any reason except what is relevant and pertinent to your role as an Auctacity user. This contact will only be via the validated email address you have linked to your account. You may opt out of any or all alerts and promotional emails sent by Auctacity, but we reserve the right to send an email in the case of any urgent need to contact you. All notifications and emails, with the exception of email validation messages, are accessible to you at any time in your account page.

We have created our bidder alias system to protect your identity. We feel it is important that other bidders not be able to identify you as a bidder. Anonymity keeps bidding honest and fair. By giving you a unique but random bidder alias, other bidders know that you are a unique bidder, but they have no way of knowing who you are unless you tell them. The only person you are required to share your bidder alias with is the auction seller for the purposes of item pickup.

All Auctacity pages are served via SSL encryption, so no sensitive information leaves your computer or our servers without being encrypted in a way that only our servers and your computer understand. All user information that we store on our servers is password protected, encrypted when extremely sensitive, and also only accessible across a secure, encrypted server connection.

In short, we know that some of the information you entrust us with is private and sensitive, so we do everything in our power to earn that trust in keeping that secret shared information secret.