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Auctacity Help » Payment Help

How do I pay for my items?

You are required to put a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card on file before you subscribe to an auction. This card will be charged automatically when the auction ends. If it is not possible to pay via that card (the balance is too high, the card is invalid and you don't have a backup, etc.), you must pay the auction seller in some other way before removing your items. A seller is not required to release any items purchased until proof of payment is presented. Auctacity will not charge more than $2500 automatically to your card at a time. Any balance will be your responsibility to the seller.

What if a payment fails or doesn't go through?

Sometimes payments fail because of insufficient funds, expired cards, technical glitches, etc. If this happens, you can log in and view the invoice, and, on that page, you will have the option to charge the balance of the invoice to the card you have on file. If the card was invalid for whatever reason, you can update the card in your account settings and try again.