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Auctacity Help » Getting Started

Auctacity is an online auction site. Lots on Auctacity sell individually, but do not sell independently. Instead, auctions are offered as a group of lots offered by a single seller as an "auction" ending at roughly at the same time. Our bidders go on the auction site to inspect and pick up items, so it is advisable to place bids only in auctions that are within acceptable traveling distance.

Auctacity auctions follow a three step process of inspection, online bidding, and on-site pickup.


In addition to the online photos and description of lots in an auction offering, a seller is required to provide at least 3 hours prior to bidding end where prospective bidders may come on location to inspect items that are for sale. A seller is not required to provide any guarantee as far as the condition and functionality of an item, so it is during this period that buyers can verify the condition and functionality of lots on which they plan to bid.


Before bidding you must have an Auctacity user account with a validated email address and a credit card on file. Once this is done, you must subscribe to any auction on whose lots you would like to bid. Each time you subscribe to an auction, you will be assigned a random bidder alias by which you will be known to other bidders for that auction.

All bidding on Auctacity auctions is done online with a web browser. All lots in an auction end sequentially, starting at a time and date specified by the seller, with a period of seconds or minutes between each lot.

Bids placed in the final few minutes of an ending lot will add a certain amount of time to the lot. The parameters of this are specified by the seller, but, by default, one minute is added for every new bid placed in the last 3 minutes of a lot. There is no limit to the amount of time by which a lot may be extended.


Sellers are required to provide at least a 4-hour time window during which winning bidders may come on location to pick up items they have won. A seller may allow in their terms for shipping, but these arrangements are external to the Auctacity Terms of Service. Winning bidders should plan to come on site to pick up their items unless other arrangements are made with the seller prior to the allotted pickup time. Items not picked up during the specified window are forfeited by the bidder and the seller is not required to offer a refund.

When you view or print your invoice, a control number is shown. This is a secret code visible to only you and the auction seller. This is the only way to 100% validate your identity to the seller. It is advisable to print your invoice and present it to the seller so that your bidder number, payment information, and control code are all easily visible and make it easier to link you to your items purchased.