How to place a proxy bid

Auctacity has a very useful feature called proxy bidding.  Proxy bidding, in essence, means you allow us to place bids on your behalf up to a certain amount.

For example, let’s say you see a lot that has a current high bid of $10.00.  The minimum bid for this lot would be $10.50, because at $10.00, the minimum bid increment is $0.50.  But, let’s say that you would spend up to $25.00 on this lot.  That’s where proxy bidding comes in to play.

Diagram of the bid box

In the bid box, there is an input box where you can type in your max bid.  Just type $25.00 in that box, and click place bid.  Doing so will NOT raise the current bid to $25.00.  It will be $10.50 with you as the high bidder.  Then, if another bidder logs in and places a bid for $11.00, they will immediately be outbid and you’ll still be the high bidder with a minimum bid of $11.50.

If you accidentally put in, say, $200 instead of $20, you can always change it to a lower number.  Please note that you will never be able to set it to a number less than the current high bid plus the current minimum bid increment.

Jeremy Tharp

I built Auctacity (with my bare hands). I make the executive decisions. I produce new code. I also talk about it from time to time, and try to share with the world how awesome it is as a choice of online auction platforms.

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