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Auctacity is enjoyed by thousands of users in the Winchester/Frederick County area, but it might surprise you that we’re not yet a self-sustaining company. Fortunately, it takes very little of my time to keep the site running and network with buyers and sellers to provide a quality bidding experience. As such, I work a full-time job elsewhere to pay the bills.

However, more and more users are accessing the site via a mobile device, and, while that works for most people, we really could use a full-fledged app for both Android and iOS.

A fortunate opening has happened in my current job that basically gives me a short window (about 2 months) to pursue some other ventures. Normally, I would just take on some contract work, but it would be better for Auctacity if I could use the time to build the app.

I’ve launched A Kickstarter Project to try and raise funds to make this possible. Your contribution would effectively help hire me as a contract developer in the short term so that I can build the mobile app.

If you love Auctacity, and would love even more to have a mobile-optimized experience, please consider making a donation to help reach the $7500 goal by July 21st. As a thank you, even with just a $1 contribution, if we reach our goal, you’ll get access to up-to-the-minute beta releases of the Android version of the app while it is in development.

Contribute Now!

Thank you so much for helping make Auctacity the great online auction experience it is and for helping us grow into the mobile universe!

Jeremy Tharp

I built Auctacity (with my bare hands). I make the executive decisions. I produce new code. I also talk about it from time to time, and try to share with the world how awesome it is as a choice of online auction platforms.

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