Get an email alert when your favorite seller posts an auction

Many users have complained that, if their favorite sellers don’t post regularly, they often miss auctions, because they never know when they get posted.

Well, we have a remedy for that.  You can now sign up to get an email when any of your favorite sellers publish an auction.


All you have to do is click to the profile page of any seller you wish to subscribe to, and click the gray email icon in the top right.

When you click it, the page will reload, and the icon will become green, and you’ll now receive an email as soon as that seller publishes an auction.

To unsubscribe, just click the green icon, and it will turn gray.  You can always see which sellers you are subscribed to by clicking into the Notification Preferences tab of your account settings.

Jeremy Tharp

I built Auctacity (with my bare hands). I make the executive decisions. I produce new code. I also talk about it from time to time, and try to share with the world how awesome it is as a choice of online auction platforms.

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